How to Get Work VISA for Saudi Arabia?

How to Get Work VISA for Saudi Arabia?

Are you interested in working in Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia Time is GMT/UTC + 3h during Standard Time. The majority of the population of the country of Saudi Arabia is Muslim. Muslims from all over the world come to Saudi Arabia to perform pilgrimage. However, many people move to Saudi Arabia for work. If you want to work in Saudi Arabia then you must have a work visa. So, how to get a fast and easy work visa for Saudi Arabia. Before you decide to work in Saudi Arabia, you need to know some information about Saudi Arabia and how to get a work permit.

Saudi Arabia News

Apparently, Saudi Arabia is at war with the Houthis who perform drone and missile attacks on the southern border of Saudi Arabia. Apart from that, Saudi Arabia Capital and middle and north regions are safe. According to an internet search, Saudi Arabia is currently unsafe mainly due to the high number of Covid-19 cases not the Houthi’s Saudi Arabia Attack.

Getting an Instant Work Visa for Saudi Arabia

Even though there are some things that might endanger your life, you still have the right to move to Saudi Arabia or work in Saudi Arabia. Now, you have decided to get Visa instant work. Since you are a foreigner, then you have to hold a proper visa so you can work in the country. Somehow, if you want to get a work visa, you need to be sponsored by a company in Saudi Arabia. Without a sponsor, you probably cannot work in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, there are several requirements to meet so you can get your work visa. Some of the requirements are such as:

What are the requirements needed for KSA work visa/permit?

Original passport with no Israeli visa stamp, otherwise you will be rejected.
Medical certificate to show that you are healthy.
Original valid signed employment contract in Arabic.
Color passport photo.
Copy of academic qualification.
Original support letter from the sponsoring company.
Invitation letter from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You must meet the above requirements in order for you to get a work visa. You should also know that moving to Saudi Arabia is easy if you fulfill all requirements. If you believe that you are fit to be employed in that country, then you can make a decision as soon as possible. As long as you have a sponsor that invites you to work in Saudi Arabia, then you have a great opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia.

Steps of Getting Work Visa for Saudi Arabia

Steps of Getting Instant Work Visa for Saudi Arabia

  1. Company Registration

    Sponsoring company need to register with the government.

  2. Immigration File

    Government start to open an immigration files concerning to the expatriate worker information.

  3. Visa Application

    Company begins to open an application to give a work visa for new expatriate worker.

  4. Contact Embassy

    Worker has to register with the Saudi Arabian embassy to get work visa

  5. Receive Visa

    Embassy gives work visa in a few days or weeks

  6. Apply for Residency

    Worker needs to register to get residency permit a.k.a Iqama that is given by Ministry of Labor

  7. Receive Residency

    Finally Directorate General for passport will issue the worker’s Iqama.

In summary, it is your right to get your instant work visa for Saudi Arabia as long as you have a sponsor and the right documents.