Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bahrain Job Portal registration process free?

Everyone can join Bahrain Job Portal for free. You just need to follow the easy registration process according to our instructions.

How about the deadlines for the job applications that appear on Bahrain Job Portal?

Every job vacancy that appears on our website has a validity period depending on the respective company that posted it. But in general, it has a validity period of about four weeks after the broadcast. When a vacancy has ended, applicants will be able to see the closing date.

How to Know the deadline of a job application?

Each applicant must read carefully the information on the closing date that the company has announced. If a job has reached the closing date, you will get information that it has passed, unless there is a change to extend the validity period of the job vacancy.

Can I apply for several jobs at the same time?

Yes, every applicant who has joined Bahrain Job Portal can apply for several jobs at once. This will make it easier for applicants to get a job immediately in a short period of time. To increase the chances of a company calling you, you need to provide the right profile information. So you need to include information related to the experience and skills that the company needs. In fact, it is not impossible, recruiting employees from a company will call candidates or applicants who are considered qualified.

How can I get notifications for job vacancies that are up to date?

Applicants definitely need up-to-date job vacancies, so they are likely to be able to work immediately. This website also only displays job vacancies that have not been fulfilled. This information is provided directly from the company posting the job opening. We can say that the ads posted are always up to date.

What abilities do candidates need to have to be easily accepted for work?

Some fresh graduates and people who are struggling to get to work immediately want to know what skills can be a plus in the eyes of HRD. However, basically, there are some general skills that you must have. Let’s say the ability to operate MS Office and also has some editing software skills.

The remaining skills that companies need are usually different depending on the position the candidate is applying for. One of the skills that companies are definitely looking for is teamwork. Teamwork will affect a company’s performance in achieving a target that is not easy.

What happens to our application letter after we send it?

This is one of the most common questions candidates ask. Every application that is submitted to the website will be carefully selected by HRD. Every application that comes in will be matched with the profile requirements that the company needs. If the HRD thinks there is a suitable candidate according to what they are looking for, the candidate will receive a call for an interview.

I submitted the application last year and the job opening was reopened. Can I re-apply?

Yes, anyone can apply for a job again without getting a call in last year. Especially if you have a profile that matches what the company is looking for.