How to get an easy “Work VISA” for Bahrain?

How to get an easy “Work VISA” for Bahrain?

It can be your great chance to earn a high salary to work in Bahrain. Anybody can move to Bahrain and get a better job. However, if you want to work in Bahrain, you need to get a Work Visa. Without a Visa, you cannot stay and work in Bahrain. Otherwise, you will be deported and return to your home country because you do not have the documents. So, how to get an easy Work Visa for Bahrain?

Getting a Work Visa for Bahrain

Well, it is quite simple and easy to get a Work Visa for Bahrain. Now, you can do it online. Before you get the Visa, it seems that you have to apply for a new work permit. You can visit the LMRA (Labor Market Regulatory Authority) website to process the new work permit.

What does LMRA provide for foreign workers? Well, LMRA is a service that issues and updates Work Visas. It also processes work transfers, provides entry visas, multiple entry and residence permits, provides ID services for workers, and facilitates medical examinations. If you want to apply for a Work Visa on the LMRA website, you can read the steps below.

First of all, you need to create an account on the LMRA website and then log in to the LMRA EMS system. Then, you can start to process the work permit application. After that, you have to print the application confirmation. Somehow, you can check the status of your application on the website. Simply, use your application ID to login into the EMS system. Select Express Service on the menu of the website using your personal number, expat passport number, or application ID. Then, you can contact +973 17 506055 or the LMRA’s contact center and give your ID to the agent.

Next, if your application is approved, you can continue the process for the fee payment and transfer the money to the accredited banks. After that, you can print the work permit and bring the hard copy of the printed work permit to the immigration office so that you will get the work permit sticker.

Documents Required for Work Visa

Somehow, if you want to get Work Visa for Bahrain, you also have to complete some documents required such as employee’s passport, valid license, paid electricity bill, Employee ID card, work contract template between the company and you as a worker, medical checkup report, and much more. If you need more information about the document required, you can visit the LMRA website.

Important Instructions before Arriving in Bahrain

If you have already obtained a Work Visa for Bahrain, you are advised to check your visa status on the LMRA website. After that, you also have to complete the required documents such as 2 photocopies of passports that are still valid for approximately 6 months, photocopies of work contracts, photocopies of work visas from LMRA, driving license if any, diplomas, and photocopies of marriage certificates.

Important Instructions When Arriving in Bahrain

When you land in Bahrain, you can come directly to the LMRA counter. Don’t forget to bring a photocopy of your work visa and your passport. Furthermore, the LMRA will confirm with the relevant agencies until you get an ID card, residence permit, and determine a schedule for a medical examination. You also have to record fingerprints, signatures, and photos.

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