Instant Work VISA for Kuwait

Instant Work VISA for Kuwait

If your works require you to move into Kuwait, there are two options available, either use the local labor market or discover skilled foreign employees. If you choose the second option, you have to make sure you have a suitable visa as well as work permits so that you can start to work in Kuwait city. 

It is important to know how to get a work visa if you plan to move into this country because companies that go into the Kuwait market have the possibility of facing some problems regarding work permits for their employees. It is because they need to be incorporated and received locally licensed from the authority. 

Type of Visas Available for Kuwait

A couple of different visas are available in Kuwait based on people’s entry requirements, how long they will stay, and the traveling purpose. Work visa belongs in the residence visa type. It is a type of visa which is addressed to expats beyond the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC members to stay in this country. 

Requirements for Work Visa in Kuwait

What are the requirements for new work Visa/Permit for Kuwait?

There are several important documents needed to apply for a work visa in Kuwait:
Employee need to prepare a passport that still valid within six months before the expiration date.
A visa application from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait has been filled by the employee.
Employee needs to submit a photo in passport size and a certificate showing no criminal record from the police officer.
Employee needs to undergo medical tests. Then, employees have to submit a health certificate proving they are in good health and don’t suffer from infectious disease.
Employee has to submit the results of the HIV/AIDS test.

Procedures to Get Work Visa in Kuwait

What are procedures to Get Work Visa in Kuwait?

  1. Residence visa

    Before applying for the work visa, the employees need to obtain a residence visa from Kuwait.

  2. Employer guidance

    An employer will help the applicants to get the work permits given by Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

  3. Submit passport

    To get the work permits, applicants must submit their passports along with a no-objection certificate issued by Ministry of Interior.

  4. Contact embassy

    The work permits will be sent by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Embassy in the country where the applicants live. Employees staying in a country with no Kuwait embassy require help from an employer to submit a work permit. It will be submitted along with NOC to the Ministry of Interior to obtain the entry visa.

  5. Obtain certificate

    Once all of these documents are submitted, the applicants commonly will obtain a no-objection certificate or popularly known in short as NOC. This certificate enables them to enter the country.


After they arrive in Kuwait, they will accept the residence visa. Then, the employees can apply for the Civil ID in this country just in 30 days of Kuwait time after they obtain the residence visa.