Instant Work VISA for Oman

Instant Work VISA for Oman

You dream of being able to work in Oman. You can make this dream come true as long as you understand all the regulations related to the instant work visa for Oman. These are all within the regulations set by Omani authorities. One of the things Omani authorities will be concerned about is the ability and experience you have. If you have a level of ability and experience that matches the job you are applying for, Omani authorities can speed up the visa application process. You can apply for a job even in Oman capital. You can check all the steps in making a visa below.

Things you need to do to apply for Oman E-visa

There are lots of paper documents that you need to prepare when applying for an Oman E-visa. You have to make sure some documents are complete, so you don’t have to repeat the processing process again which takes a long time.

What are the documents you need to prepare for Oman Work Visa/Permit?

Supporting document.
Birth Certificate of Minor.
Passport Personal Details Scan.
Last Page of Passport.
Proof of accommodation so that it will mention about the dates of arrival and departure.
Airline Confirmation.
Portrait photo of the credit card owner.

Is there any other requirements other than documents?

You must ensure that the email address and credit card listed must be clear. However, for those of you who intend to apply for work in Oman, there are a number of more challenging preparations. You need to prepare there are many additional steps. Immediately, you see all the steps below.
Everyone who works there must have a work permit from the Ministry of Manpower. If they do not have a work permit, the employee will be considered illegal. Each application you must submit in the right department in the Ministry of Manpower.
Then the division will immediately check the applicable regulations along with the availability of quotas for foreign employees working in Oman country.
Furthermore, the part of the company that employs foreign employees must check whether the quota is still there.
The rest of the foreign employees need to wait for the final qualification results.

What do prospective foreign employees need to know about the acceptance criteria for a visa application?

Each visa applicant is in the age range of 21 to 60 years.
All sex and job titles must match those stated in the Labor Permit.
Some nationalities will require special requirements.
Furthermore, you only need to enter the country of Oman when the employment visa has been approved by the Ministry of Manpower.
The next step is to apply for the Residence Card.
Only after applying for a Residence Card, applicants need to follow a series of procedures from a local medical test and also fingerprint recording.

Procedures to Get Work Visa for Oman

Steps of getting visa for Oman

  1. You need to make sure you have fulfilled all of the acceptance criteria for the visa application.

  2. Prepare all the necessary documents.

  3. Collect it to the Ministry of Manpower in your country.

  4. Wait for clarification from the Ministry of Manpower.

  5. If there is no shortage of documents and you meet the eligibility criteria, then it is likely that you will be accepted. If not, then you need to apply again by completing the document.

Checking the local medical test will also include checking blood tests and filling in biometric data. Only after passing this test, the foreign employee received a 2-year Oman Resident Card permit from the employee. It’s Oman time and you can save more income by working there and living simply.