Instant Work VISA for Qatar

Instant Work VISA for Qatar

Qatar has become a top destination for many expats around the world, and especially for those running businesses or doing work. As the Qatar blockade has been opened at the beginning of this year, the number of expats coming to this country is expected to increase. 

To work in Qatar, you need to get work permits. It is because this country has an organized work permit system for expats who want to move there. Here, some of the important things you need to know about, and how to apply for a work VISA in Qatar. 

Getting Work Permits in Qatar

If you plan to work in Qatar, you have to get the Work Residence Permit, or RP, before you work there. As you apply for this permit, the employer from Qatar will do the rest in processing the application. 

The employer will help you to arrange a temporary visa. After obtaining this visa, you can take Qatar Airways and enter this country while waiting for your Work Residence Permit to complete. This process needs you to wait around four weeks. 

As you get the Residence Permit for work, you officially start to live in this country. You get access to government services as well as looking for a place to stay. Work Residence Permit must be renewed every year. 

Requirements to Getting Work Visa in Qatar

What are requirements to get work visa for Qatar?

The employment contract for those who work under specific companies or organizations.
An application form issued by the Ministry of Labour has been filled. 
A medical certificate showing the applicant’s health. 
Passport-sized photograph. 
The immigrant card from the employer.
The employment visa.
Certificates of related educational background.
Necessary biometrics such as fingerprints. 

Procedures to Getting Work Visa in Qatar

Getting Work Visa in Qatar

  1. The company, where expats work, has to register in Immigration Department through the Ministry of Interior. This is a process to get a work permit.

  2. Employers need to prepare all the required documents for the work visa.

  3. Next, employees will be granted to get both immigration and representative cards. 

  4. Employers must apply the work permits for all their moving employees by completing the application in Arabic. 

  5. While waiting for approval, the company has to apply for an employment visa for each of their employees. 

  6. All the required documents from the employers have to be collected into the Ministry of Labour. 

  7. Employees can take Qatar Airways and travel to this country after obtaining a work visa. 

  8. Within a week of employees’ arrival, the company needs to apply for an employee’s residence permit. 

  9. After obtaining the residence permit, employees can start their work in the company. The company commonly renews these permits based on the case. 

Once expats obtain the visa, expats have to solely work for the company during the given time and can enjoy everything in this country such as Qatar Open 2021. They need to leave Qatar soon after completing all the work commitments with the company. 

To have the full visa for work, they need to take medical tests along with fingerprints, moreover, Expats commonly spend around QAR 200 on making a work visa in Qatar nowadays.