Instant Work VISA for the United Arab Emirates

Instant Work VISA for the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates or UAE is a wealthy country in West Asia that is a favorite destination for migration and tourism for many people. In this country, we can see the tallest building in the world which is called the Burj Khalifah. Anyone can come to the UAE to study, work and even live. If you want to work in the United Arab Emirates, of course, you have to get a work visa first. Before we find out how to get a work Visa for UAE, we will discuss many things about the UAE.

United Arab Emirates Brief Information

A country bordered by several other Arab countries. The UAE map is surrounded by Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman. The UAE is a strategic country that is the center of business in the Arab state. Meanwhile, the capital of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, Dubai is the most famous city in the UAE where we can see the tallest building of the Burj Khalifah. The total UAE population of the UAE is around 9,890,000 based on 2020 data.

United Arab Emirates Instant Work Visa

The UAE is not only a favorite tourist destination, but it is also a destination country for work. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for you if you want to work in the UAE and get a high salary. Meanwhile, you also have to arrange some documents so that you are allowed to live in the UAE. Basically, the requirements for obtaining a UAE instant work visa are quite easy. If you want to work in the UAE and get an instant Visa, then you must prepare the required documents.

What are the required documents for UAE work visa?

• A valid passport
• Passport photograph
• Entry permit from the Ministry of Labor
• An Emirates Identity Card
• Your medical screening results
• Company’s commercial license (copy)
• Company card from the employer (copy)

What if you already have a residence visa?

It is not a big deal because you still can apply for a work permit or work visa. Simply, you can prepare the whole documents mentioned above. But, it should be in Arabic, and make sure you have a job offer or employment contract from a company in the United Arab Emirates.

The Process of Getting Work Visa

The first thing you have to do to get a work visa is to get an entry visa for the UAE. This is also called an employment entry visa which also refers to a pink visa. After getting the pink visa, next you have to get an Emirates ID. It will be used for medical screening, but an entry visa is required to get this ID. Then, you can get a residence visa and work permit. To get a residence visa, the worker has to complete the documents mentioned before.

The Process of Getting Work Visa (Permit) for UAE

  1. Getting the Employment Entry Visa

    Visa quota approval
    • Job offer signature or contract
    • Work permit
    • Employment entry visa

  2. Entry to UAE with new Entry Permit / Visa Change of Status

    • Medical Screening
    • Issue Emirate ID
    • Do medical screening
    • Labour contract signature
    • Getting work permit with start date
    • Residence visa stamping in passport
    • Emirate ID collection

The visa also needs to be valid for up to three years. After obtaining your work permit/visa, then you can start working.