Living and Living Cost for an Expatriate in Kuwait

Living and Living Cost for an Expatriate in Kuwait

When you move to Kuwait, you will consider the currency exchange. The exchange rate might be surprising because Kuwait currency is known to be one of the strongest in the world.

Living in Kuwait

Most expats obtain accommodations given by their employers including a living place. Employers typically provide apartments which are either owned or leased for their employees. Those who don’t get accommodation from employers tend to rent an apartment. 

Kuwait has many restaurants and cafes offering various kinds of cuisine which become a great option for eating out. How about the daily life supply? People like to buy groceries in local or regional markets. Fresh vegetables, fruits cheese, baking ingredients, and other foods are more affordable in the market. 

Generally, education is expensive in Kuwait. There are many private school schools and international schools. Kuwait also has numerous colleges with a wide variety of prospective majors. 

Public transportation is popular in Kuwait especially buses and taxis. However, if they can afford, expats like to buy either new or secondhand cars for more comfortable traveling during their Kuwait time stay. 

Kuwait is also known for its reputable public healthcare system which is available for all the residents including expats at either low cost or free. Both public and private hospitals have great medical standards. 

Many fitness clubs can be easily found in this country. You can rent public sports services like tennis courts too. Kuwait City is famous as an entertainment city. Many interesting places are available such as theatres, theme parks, cinemas, amusement centers.

Public events held in Kuwait are pretty interesting, especially for expats. There is a beautiful festival during spring called Hala festival. Other events like National Day and Liberation Day are mostly packed with many people. Don’t forget the popular camel racing which is also interesting to see. 

Living Costs

What’s the accommodation cost in Kuwait?

An apartment with three bedrooms in the city center costs around KWD 400 to 700 while the same beyond the city center costs from KWD 300 to 500. Renting a single-bedroom apartment in the city center costs KWD 200 to 350, or outside the city center ranges from KWD 150 to 250.

What’s the food cost in Kuwait?

Foods in local restaurants cost around 2.00 KWD while the mid-level restaurant cost about 15.00 KWD. The price of foods in markets overall is quite affordable. 

What’s the Education Cost in Kuwait?

The monthly fee for kindergarten is around 101.89 KWD while international primary school costs 2.194.64 KWD yearly. As for the universities, students like to pay between 200 to 450 KWD per month. 

What’s the Transportation Cost in Kuwait?

Normal tariff for taxis is 1.00 KWD and those using private vehicles need to spend around 0.10 KWD for one-liter gasoline. 

What’s the Healthcare Cost in Kuwait?

Expats in Kuwait need to pay around 10 KWD to access medical treatment. 

What’s the Sports Cost in Kuwait?

The monthly fee for fitness clubs is available around 34.31 KWD and to rent a tennis court you typically require 8.53 KWD for an hour. 

What’s the Entertainment  Cost Cost in Kuwait?

One seat for international cinema offered in 3.50 KWD. 


How much expenses that you need to spend in Kuwait may vary differently for expats determined by their salaries and their lifestyle. Living a regular life perhaps allows you to save some of your money but if you live a high lifestyle, it can be difficult for expats to do so.