Living and living cost for an expatriate in Oman

Living and living cost for an expatriate in Oman

There are a lot of people who are interested in coming to Oman to work. There are many opinions that working there can provide a lot of income. Of course, it all depends on the type of job the applicant is applying for. Not all jobs have high wages. The second factor that you can try is to control your lifestyle patterns, so you don’t spend too much money. You can try cooking yourself instead of having to keep eating at restaurants. There is a lot of information about Oman country that you need to learn before actually applying for a visa there.

The Life in Oman


People who are married and bringing children to Oman can try to come to Public Schools in Oman. The school does not collect fees at all until the end of secondary education. Each government school uses Arabic and follows an Islamic curriculum. Meanwhile, public schools usually use international languages.


Expats can only use the public hospital in Oman when there is an emergency or need to get treatments that are not available in the private sector. Expats who work in the Oman government sector can get free treatment in public hospitals. There are many types of medical fees. You can ask directly to the hospital at the time of treatment there.


Any ex-pats coming to Oman need to take the time to go to The Royal Opera House. Ticket prices depend on the type of zone you want and the range for general admission is 3 – 10 OMR.


There are many cinemas that you can visit there. Every regular cinema is attended by many people from various countries. Ticket prices to watch this film also vary widely and you can see it on the live website section.

The Living Cost


If you are still single, you can get a place to live there at a more affordable price. You need to understand that working in the Omani part of the capital will offer a much higher price for housing than having to live outside the capital. You have to consider the increase in prices when deciding to live in the capital city. Most of the one-bedroom apartments in urban areas have a price range from 210 – 290 OMR. As for people who are married, they will usually need at least three rooms in one apartment. These apartments usually offer prices in the range of 260 – 520 OMR. The data is based on 2020.


Eating out can be very expensive. If you decide to work temporarily in Oman and someday return to your country, then try to buy ingredients at the market or supermarket and cook it yourself. Every now and then you can buy food at Indian food restaurants because this food is usually sold at a more affordable price. At least you will spend about 3 $ for one meal.


When you want to buy some groceries, try to come to the market. Oman expats must understand that the price of local products made in Oman is more affordable than imported products. You have to find out what good quality local products are. This can help you control your money spending. The recommended market for most expats in Oman is Lulu. This place provides a wide selection of items ranging from affordable to super expensive.

Groceries Prices

  • Peanut Cookies 0.850 OMR
  • Premium Milk Bread 0.600 OMR
  • Fresh fish 1.450 OMR
  • Salmon steak 2.690 OMR
  • New Zealand Beed Rib Eye 2.955 OMR
  • Organic Apple Red 2 pcs 1.990 OMR
  • Orange Navel 6 pcs 0.525 OMR
  • Banana Cavendish 6 pcs 0.650 OMR
  • Green Spinach 1 bunch 0.085 OMR
  • Spring Onion Leaves 1 bunch 0.085 OMR


As a foreign employee, it’s a good idea to start using public transportation. Even though the prices of vehicles in Oman are much more affordable than in Europe, there is still no harm in learning to ride public transportation. Public vehicles there have adequate facilities so that passengers can go to the inner city area comfortably. If you only travel in urban areas, then it doesn’t hurt to take the bus. Each time you go up, you usually only need to pay 0.70 $. If you want to save even more, then try catching the buses. Almost all low-income employees take public transportation. 

Fashion style

How much money you will spend on clothes depends on what brand you want. Usually, people will spend at least $100 on clothes at the shopping spree. Anyway, Oman time can offer you many brands of fashion styles around the world. For the famous brand, it has the same range price for the fashion style toward your stay at Oman Capital or not.