Living and Living Cost for an Expatriate in Qatar

Living and Living Cost for an Expatriate in Qatar

As the Qatar blockade opens early this year, it is safer for expats to move either for works or study.  Known to be the most expensive region in the Middle East, expats need to manage finances well during their stay here. The profitable employment packages in Qatar become the main attraction for many expats.

The Living

Let’s see where is the best place to stay when moving to Qatar. Most expats in Qatar live in villas. Some choose to stay in compounds which refer to attached homes vary from 10 to 100 units. Companies often provide a compound for their employees and it is not available for the public. 

Most foods in Qatar are imported so the price is high. However, expats can shop at more affordable prices for local fruits, veggies, and fish. At least, expats in Qatar need to use around 10 percent of the salaries for food needs. Many small and independent restaurants offer delicious foods but at cheaper prices such great places to enjoy eating out. 

When it comes to education, International schools are popular in Qatar and have become the main option for parents to send their kids to school. Public universities are available in this country too. 

Public transportations is available but most expats use their own vehicle because petrol price is affordable. Public and private hospitals offer great medical services so there is no significant difference in using both of the healthcare services. 

Qatar has many museums for a historical getaway and various parks. Opera houses and theaters can be found easily for enjoying fascinating shows. Not to mention the live music. 

Recognized as a sports center region, water-sports are very popular in Qatar. Fitness classes are hugely available here. Racing, skiing, and sand-boarding are other common options for expats. Qatar often holds many sports tournaments like tennis, golf, and motor races. There is also an interesting camel race.

The Living Cost

What is the accommodation cost in Qatar?

Regular accommodation for living alone costs around QAR 12.000 monthly. Three-bedroom apartments in the city center cost around QAR 10.500 but only cost QAR 7.000 outside the city. Renting a villa needs to pay around QAR 35.000.

What is the Foods cost in Qatar?

The average food cost in this country is QAR 179 daily. For eating out, the average cost that needs to be paid is around QAR 72 for each person. 

What is the Education cost in Qatar?

Although depends on the institution, both local and international students need to pay similarly around QAR 72,100 each semester. 

What is the Transportation cost in Qatar?

Local transportation in Qatar costs about QAR 67. Petrol price starts from QAR 1.35 for any expats who use individual vehicles. For flights, Qatar Airways starts from $27. 

What is the Healthcare cost in Qatar?

Most people in Qatar have access to free or subsidised public healthcare. Private healthcare costs. Private health care insurance is about $166 monthly for each person. 

What is the Sports cost in Qatar?

Watersports cost around QAR 450 or higher while the annual membership of fitness clubs is QAR 8000. Qatar Open 2021 ticket starts from QAR 50. 

What is the Entertainment cost in Qatar?

Theater and cinema ticket prices vary based on the age while museums are about QAR 25 for students. 

The number of salaries can cover the expenses are many, particularly those who work for the government. But, saving money is still possible with good management.