Living & costs for an expatriate in Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the countries that welcome expats. If you want to live in Bahrain, you can plan everything. You can work in Bahrain and stay in Bahrain forever. Many expats from various countries have chosen Bahrain as their destination. However, you must ensure that you are a legal entrant. Talking about expatriates in Bahrain, you should also know how life is in Bahrain and the cost of living in this country.

Living for an expatriate in Bahrain

Bahrain is a West Asian country that offers a decent living for those who wish to move from their country to Bahrain. There are many cities in Bahrain that you can go to. One of the expatriate destinations in Bahrain is Manama. Well, Manama is the best city for newcomers or expats who wish to live in Bahrain according to some global surveys.

You can choose Manama as your destination to live in Bahrain. Why choose Manama? Some immigrants say that Manama is the friendliest city because they can live in this city without having to speak Arabic. Besides that, the local people in Manama are also very friendly and welcome the expats.

Living in Bahrain isn’t just for the convenience and friendly people. However, Bahrain can be where you get high-earning jobs. Many expats in Bahrain are happy because they can get a high salary, especially if you live in Manama. Now, there are many expats from countries in Europe and Asia who live in Bahrain and get better lives despite they actually still miss their native countries.

Costs for an expatriate in Bahrain

Then, what about the cost of living in Bahrain? You’ll need to find a place to live if you want to live in Bahrain. Of course, you also have to consider the cost of living while you are living in Bahrain. Before you decide to move to Bahrain, you can find out how much you have to spend on accommodation in a month.

Let us take some examples. First, you need to rent a house or apartment. The average cost of renting a three-bedroom apartment is around BHD 450-900 in the city center. It will be cheaper if you choose outside of the city center that may cost between BHD 250-650. Meanwhile, if you only rent an apartment with one bedroom, it only costs BHD 200-500.

Then, you also have to consider shopping. Some of the basic necessities that you have to buy include milk for BHD 0.60 per liter, dozen eggs for BHD 1, chicken breasts BHD 2 per kg, BHD rice 0.90 per kg, and a loaf of white bread BHD 0.40.

Meanwhile, you also have to consider your transportation. For a taxi fare, it costs BHD 0.50 per km. Then, if you choose public transport, it costs BHD 0.30. Meanwhile, if you own a vehicle, you have to pay gasoline or fuel BHD 0.20 per liter.

Well, there are many other expenses or expenses that you have to spend if you live in Bahrain such as mobile call rates, internet, utilities, eating out, and much more.

Finally, those are living and costs for an expatriate in Bahrain for your information. Suppose you want to move to Bahrain and live in the country forever, you should know how much you have to spend in a month and how good is living in the country. Now, it is all your choice, and make sure you complete the documents before living in Bahrain.

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