Living and costs for an expatriate job in Saudi Arabia

Living and costs for an expatriate job in Saudi Arabia

Everybody has a right to choose a place to live in the future. You can move to another country in the world as you wish. Many countries welcome expatriates and so in Saudi Arabia. However, before you move to Saudi Arabia, it seems that you have to know the living and living costs for an expatriate in Saudi Arabia. Also, you have to know the current conditions in the country.

Saudi Arabia Living

If you want to move to Saudi Arabia, you better learn to speak Arabic. Well, everybody speaks Arabic and most of the citizens cannot speak English. Therefore, you need to learn some Arabic before moving to the country. Not only that, but you also have to know the current state of Saudi Arabia. According to the news you can watch on TV or read on the internet, Saudi Arabia is in a crisis of war against the Houthi rebels. Saudi Arabia was attacked by a terrorist group using missiles and drones. Of course, life in Saudi Arabia is normal but has become more tense and insecure in the Saudi southern borders with Yemen.

Living Cost in Saudi Arabia

What is it like living in KSA?

We cannot imagine how inexpensive it is to live in Saudi Arabia. However, if you want to buy a house in Saudi Arabia, then you have to spend a lot of money. In fact, it is quite expensive to buy a house in Saudi Arabia because many people are willing to buy houses. It also depends on the location where you want to live. We can conclude that every month you have to spend between SAR 1900 up to 2100 on accommodation.

What are the prices of food and groceries in KSA?

For just a liter of milk, you have to pay SAR 5.40. Meanwhile, egg prices are around SAR 7.40, a loaf of white bread costs around SAR 2.90, Rice for 1 kg costs about SAR 6.80, chicken breast costs around SAR 28.10 per kilogram and cigarette costs around SAR 28.
If you like to eat out, you can buy foods like Big Mac meal that costs around SAR 24.50. Meanwhile, if you like drinking coffee in a café, you can pay SAR 12.50 for a cup of cappuccino.

What is the cost of Internet and communications in KSA?

For mobile call rates, SAR is 0.50 per minute. Meanwhile, the average internet rate monthly is about SAR 240.

How are transportation costs in KSA?

For the city center bus fare, it costs SAR 3. If you prefer a taxi, it also costs SAR 3 per km. What about the cost of petrol per liter? It is quite cheap because you only have to pay SAR 1.55 per liter.

Finally, that’s all you need to know about the living and living cost for an expatriate in Saudi Arabia. Instead of considering the living cost, it is also important to know the Saudi Arabia news and Saudi Arabia’s attack because Saudi Arabia is still at war against Houthi at the southern border. All in all, you decide to choose Saudi Arabia for your destination.

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