Writing Resume/CV Cover Letter Step By Step

A cover letter is a one-page document that introduces your professional skill, personal interest, and work history in applying for a job. A cover letter is still necessary since it is used to expand on achievements you have written in your resume as well as showcasing your personality and why you would be a good fit for the job. In short, a cover letter helps the recruiters screen your job application.

There are 3 basic structures of a cover letter you should pay attention to:

  • Introduction

The introduction is used to grab the recruiter’s attention as well as explaining why you really want the job.

  • Body paragraphs

These paragraphs tell your work experience, skills, education, and the reasons why you are a good fit for the job position in detail.

  • Conclusion

A brief ending that restates your strength by asking the recruiter to contact you.

Follow the following steps below to create a perfect cover letter to apply for a job you’ve been dreaming of:

Put your contact and the employer’s contact in detail

The first thing you have to write on a cover letter is the recruiter’s contact details. Hence, at the cover letter header, type the following details:

  • Your first and last name
  • Email address (make sure you have a professional email address)
  • Phone number

Under the contact details, it is recommended to write:

  • Today’s date
  • The employer’s first and last name
  • The address of the company
  • The phone number of the company
  • The email address of the company

Addressing the recruiter by their name

Addressing the cover letter is such a great way to make a nice first impression directly to the reader. For this reason, avoid using impersonal greetings such as “Dear Madam or Sir” since it is insincere and lazy.

If you are unsure who to address you can check the company website, emailing HRD, or search for it on LinkedIn.

A strong introduction to hook the recruiter

Many job seekers worry about how to write a cover letter. However, it is somewhat straightforward. A perfect cover letter includes the following:

  • Job position

The name of the job position you are applying for

  • The name of the company

The company’s name you are applying for

  • Intention

An enthusiastic announcement that you are applying for that job position.

If the cover letter you have written has those elements, you will effectively hook the recruiter to read more.

Prove that you are the best suit for the job position

The next step is making a convincing argument that you are a good suit for the job position. There are 3 main points to write the body paragraph to sell yourself as the best candidate:

  • Bold

An effective cover letter is bold. It means that it conveys your confidence.

  • Honest

Keep being honest about the work experience you have gone through. Because, getting caught lying would devastate your work career.

  • Relevant information

A cover letter should target the company and the job you are applying for directly. It should respond to the job posting, skills, and qualifications required for the job.

Interview request

When it comes to writing a closing for the cover letter, make sure to be confident and polite since it sells yourself as the best candidate. Likewise, keep in mind to write the final paragraph strategically and thoughtfully.

Professional closing greeting

Finally, sign off the cover letter you have written with professional greetings such as best, thank you, sincerely, regards, best regards, respectfully, etc.

Writing a perfect cover letter doesn’t need to be a painful experience. So, try to write yours!

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